Sant Hilari Sacalm

Sant Hilari is known everywhere as the town of the hundred fountains. Mineral-medicinal water sources have marked the town's economy and are one of its main attractions. The Font Picant, the Old Font, the Font d'en Gurb, the Font del Cirerer, among many others, are scattered throughout the municipality and allow you to taste water as a source of life and discover the freshness of the landscapes that surround them

The town can be reached by public transport.

Sant Hilari Sacalm

Montseny Natural Park – Biosphere Reserve

Discover the Montseny Natural Park – Biosphere Reserve, a universal heritage. Montseny, Biosphere Reserve, is a mosaic of Mediterranean and Central European landscapes located next to large metropolitan conurbations.

Its extraordinary biodiversity and the cultural footprint that man has left there over time, present a universal value that has inspired artists, intellectuals and scientists, and that reveals the emotion of the people who visit it.